what you need to know

Whether considering options for yourself or deciding how best to help someone close to you, aged care is a complex area and requires careful thought. The uncertainty surrounding where to move, how much it will cost and where the money will come from can be quite overwhelming and at times stressful.

This guide provides the basics. You will understand the steps you need to take, where to find answers and how WE can help YOU make an informed decision.

First steps

Important issues

When moving into an aged care facility

Although every situation is unique, our clients and their families have similar starting points which revolve around the subject of affordability. Families are frequently relieved to discover that excellent care is affordable, and can have a minimal impact on an estate. We carefully review the income and assets of our clients to ensure an optimal outcome is achieved for both the home and the resident.

Our senior financial adviser Darryl Bryce is a member of Bupa's Aged Care Financial Guidance Panel. Please click on this helpful Care Home Checklist as a guide